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LPG Sequential Kit

LPG Sequential Kit

The LPG kit for petrol cars represents a transformative solution, offering vehicle owners the flexibility to leverage the benefits of LPG alongside traditional petrol usage. This innovative conversion system seamlessly integrates with existing petrol engines, allowing them to run on LPG, a cleaner and more cost-effective alternative. At the heart of this conversion is our Electronic Control Unit (ECU), a sophisticated component that takes the reins of engine management. From optimizing fuel injection to precisely timing ignition events, the ECU ensures a harmonious blend of petrol and LPG, delivering enhanced performance and efficiency while maintaining the integrity of the engine’s operation. Let’s explore how this cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the driving experience and contributes to a more sustainable automotive future.

LPG Reducer

The LPG reducer lowers the high pressure of the LPG stored in the tank to a level that is compatible with the engine’s requirements. This is typically done before the LPG enters the engine’s intake system. It helps regulate the flow of LPG to maintain a consistent and controlled supply to the engine. The reducer needs to be compatible with the specific vehicle and engine type to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Injector Rail

The injector rail is part of the fuel delivery system in a car equipped with an LPG sequential kit. It is responsible for distributing LPG to individual injectors that then deliver the gas to the engine cylinders. The injectors release the LPG in a controlled manner to ensure proper combustion and engine performance, the injector rail is connected to a vaporizer, which converts the liquid LPG into vapor before it reaches the injectors. The vaporized LPG is then mixed with air and fed into the engine for combustion.


ECU stands for Electronic Control Unit. It is an essential component in modern vehicles and various other electronic systems. The ECU is a type of embedded system that controls and manages various electrical and electronic functions within a vehicle or a machine. Manages the engine’s performance, fuel injection, ignition timing, and other aspects related to the engine’s operation.

LPG Valve

The valve ensures that the right amount of LPG is released into the engine for combustion, similar to the role of a fuel injector in a gasoline engine. Proper control of the LPG flow is essential for maintaining engine performance, efficiency, and safety.