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Sequential CNG Kit

It is commonly known that utilizing natural gas in our vehicles will not only help us save money, but it will also help to reduce the amount of pollution in the air. When compressed natural gas was first introduced, some limited manufacturers produced these cars. However, in today’s time, the number has increased. CNG is one of the cheapest fuel that is available in the market to drive your car at the lowest running cost and better performance. The CNG kits are now showing a very good performance and a large number of people have confidence in the installation of these CNG Kits. Various types of Government Approved Sequential CNG Kits of different models are available in the market today.

Approvals & Certifications

At Motozen, we install the best sequential CNG Kits so that you can drive your car at low maintenance. We run Certified CNG Fitment centers and install all types of imported Sequential CNG Kits into your car. We are pioneers in CNG sequential kits with highly skilled and dynamic R & D team. Our R & D team is in constant touch with the International CNG R&D teams for achieving perfection. We also provide CNG Kit Repairing and tuning services for a better performance of the CNG running vehicles. Motozen reducer is sanctioned as per ISO-15500-9 from VCA, London. Motozen kits are approved by ICAT Manesar for Euro IV OBD and are sanctioned by State Transport of Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, and Maharashtra.