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LPG Injector Rail
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The LPG injector rail stands at the core of the fuel delivery system in vehicles fitted with an LPG sequential kit. Its primary role is to orchestrate the precise distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to individual injectors, which subsequently deliver this fuel to the engine cylinders. What sets this process apart is the meticulous control exerted by the injectors, releasing LPG in a carefully regulated manner. This precision is essential to ensure optimal combustion and uphold the overall performance of the engine.

Adding to its functionality, the injector rail is intricately connected to a vaporizer within the LPG sequential kit. This critical link transforms liquid LPG into vapor before it reaches the injectors. The vaporization process is crucial as it prepares the LPG for combustion in a form that seamlessly integrates with air. Once vaporized, the LPG is skillfully mixed with air and directed into the engine, where the combustion process unfolds. This meticulous blending of vaporized LPG and air exemplifies the sophistication and efficiency of LPG sequential kits, contributing to a balanced and high-performing engine.