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CNG | Motozen CNG Kits
CNG Gauge
The CNG Gauge or CNG pressure sensor
provides a linear electronic signal proportional to
gas pressure. The device uses an analogical
indication for directly reading the pressure of
the gas in the tank.
The injector rail in a CNG sequential system
is meant to inject the controlled quantity of CNG
fuel at specific intervals of time (as programmed in ECU).
The programming is done in such a way that the
petrol injectors and the CNG/LPG injectors
perform identically.
ECU stands for electronic control unit which controls
the fuel injection in the engine of the car. Petrol ECU
is already fitted in the car from the OEM’s
(Original Engine Manufacturers). In CNG sequential
system, the CNG ECU is synchronized with the petrol ECU
to give an identical performance with both the
fuels i.e. CNG and Petrol. ECU is the brain of
the entire CNG sequential system.
Filling Valve is the valve through which the CNG is
refilled in the gas cylinder. Motozen uses filling
valves that matches with international standard
and matches the world’s class best quality.
CNG cylinders
Our CNG cylinders are designed to be used in
automobiles and are manufactured to the highest
safety standards. They are made of high-grade
materials and are designed to be lightweight
and compact.
Motozen CNG Kits are approved by State Transport of Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, and Maharashtra. Sequential Kits are approved by ICAT Manesar for Euro IV OBD. Also Approved by ISO-15500-9 from VCA, London.
CNG Saving Calculator

CNG Fuel Cost Calculator will helps you to understand how much saving can be achieved by installing a good CNG kit on your vehicle.