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      CNG Vs Petrol Calculator

      CNG Fuel Cost Calculator will helps you to understand how much saving can be achieved by installing a good CNG kit on your vehicle. It will gives you understanding about CNG vs Petrol cost, Daily savings on CNG, Monthly savings on CNG and CNG vs Petrol cost etc.


      Easy on the pocket. CNG delivers high performance at low cost, as it gives your vehicle a better mileage. CNG does not contaminate or dilute crank case oil, giving engine an extended life.


      Its protects the environment by reducing the effect of Global warming. Non-Toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic and hence improves public health.

      The use of CNG significantly reduces harmful vehicular exhaust gas emissions like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other suspended particles.


      CNG is lighter than air and hence disperses quickly without any dangerous accumulation. CNG has a narrow flammability range making it much safer than other fuels.

      CNG has a higher ignition temperature than other fuels, reducing chances of accidental and spontaneous ignition.

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